Miss Regal International South Africa – 2017

The main focus is to celebrate and showcase the intelligence, regality, beauty and talent of the modern woman, one who is not only physically beautiful, but self driven with a purpose to succeed and attain whatever goal she aspires to. A woman truly magnificent and dignified.

Miss Regal International SA 2017 is a pageant that differentiates from any other within South Africa as we begin the search for a young woman who possess the epitome of Regal Bearing

We would like to associate ourselves with POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) charity organization solidifying this modern beauty as an Ambassador with a purpose.

What you need to know:

  • The Miss Regal International South Africa is a woman between the ages of 18 years and 27 years old that is generous with her time, wisdom and resources.
  • She is a woman of her word and follows through with her commitments, whatever the cost.  She is willing to serve others and extends a hand to those less fortunate.  She manages her priorities and time well – understanding that she can only serve others after she has taken care of herself
  • Miss Regal International South Africa is a woman who embodies a positive outlook on life. Her Humour, wisdom and consistent encouragement attracts others to her.
  • Miss Regal International South Africa is a woman who is able to navigate various social and professional settings with ease and proficiency.  She embraces all people irrespective of race, colour or creed as well as individuals from various social and economic backgrounds.
  • Miss Regal International South Africa is a woman who is well spoken, well groomed and knows how to effectively connect with others and communicate her message that is kind, tactful, motivating and uplifting.
  • Miss Regal International South Africa will host a Call of Entry National Workshop that will allow for potential candidates to come together in Johannesburg for an informative workshop on the Pageant.

Industry Experts will speak on topics that will empower these ladies on:

  • Self Image
  • Confidence
  • Grooming and Personal Style
  • Living a Life with Purpose
  • Becoming Change Makers in their Communities

Miss Regal South Africa is the ideal platform that can be used to GROOM, EMPOWER & UPLIFT young women to become National Ambassadors for their community and their Country.

Miss Regal International South Africa is a Pageant that will bring about change in the lives of Young South African Woman that will equip them with the right tools to become successful in All they do.

Facebook page : Miss Regal International SA
Twitter :@RegalMiss
Instagram: missregalintsa

National Workshop – Saturday, July the 8th 2017

Closing date for entries: 21 July 2017. Contact details for entry forms:

Wayne Stafford Mobile on 084 815 6312 or wayne@firstcrewproduction.co.za

Download and Complete the application form below :

Proud Sponsors of Miss Regal International 2017